【Event】M3-2024春 イベント参加の注意事項

音系・メディアミックス同人即売会 [M3]公式サイトの注意事項も必ずご確認ください。


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・重いもの、かさばるもの ・生モノや賞味期限が近いもの ・割れ物や壊れやすいもの ・手作りのもの ・開封済みのもの ・高価なもの





Please be sure to also check the notes on the official website of the Sound and Media Mix Doujin Sokubaikai [M3].


<M3-2024 Spring / Q & A of the day / Notes>

■ Who are the sellers?

nayuta and 3 staff members.

 ■ Can I get autographs?

In order to avoid crowding the space, we cannot accept autographs.

However, you will receive an autographed copy of nayuta's new album with your purchase.

 ■ Can I shake hands?

In order to avoid space congestion, handshakes are not permitted.

 ■ Can I take pictures?

Photography and video are not allowed in this space.

Even if the subject is not in the picture, it is prohibited.

 ■ May I bring something to the booth?

Yes, you can.

We would be happy to have the name of the person who sent the food.

However, please note that we cannot accept the following items.

・Heavy or bulky items

・Raw food or items that are close to their expiration date.

・Fragile or fragile items

・Handmade items

・Items that have already been opened

・Expensive items

 ■ Others

Please do not talk for a long time or hang around in front of the space,

Please do not talk for a long time in front of the space or hang around the area as it may cause inconvenience to other participants.

Please be considerate of those standing in line behind you.

Please be aware of the condition of the venue and the physical condition of the circle staff,

Please understand that we may end the event early.

We ask for your understanding in advance.

Let's make this an enjoyable event for everyone!




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